Reality as Learning Environment

A City Circles Project

When Rik was doing research in Athens he saw that there are people who connect the city. Even when the city is divided politically, socially and physically.

One of the people he met during his research was Musta, who gathers paper from the street in the city. By working along side him and observing his 'job' Rik got in to conversations with him. Musta is from Afghanistan and Rik from The Netherlands. They did not speak the same language. So in the beginning they talked by hands and feet. By spending more and more time they got to know each other better and better. While the language barrier stayed.

Rik saw how he could improve Musta's english. The words they learned to each other, we're the most practical which made it the easiest to remember.

As outcome Rik provided 333 words spoken in an MP3 player. From Farsi to English, based on Musta's direct environment. Which works as a katalysor and as a memorzing tool.
These words are spoken and Rik recorded them from a native Farsi speaker.  This way Musta can improve his english by listening to these words while walking through the streets in Athens.
Musta now walks the roads of Athens while learning english.

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