A Paper Gatherers Identity

By being in Athens, Rik realised that the beauty of a city is it's people. Hearing the story's of the city and the life within made him understand parts of the complexity of living Athens.
There are neighborhoods in Athens that are divided,people neglect others or don't recognise their life. They do not communicate or share anything.

Rik started looking for people that cross through such neighborhoods.


Rik met Musta. Who is a refugee and works in the street by gathering paper and doing small side jobs when people ask him. He gathers paper for the living of him and his family.

While working with Musta on the streets gathering paper. Rik got treated the same way . People looked strange to him.
Everyday they connected to someone who wanted to have some help, or that was able to give them paper to bring to the paper dump.

To get to the paper dump they walked along Iera Odos which is a street full of traffic driving 80 km/h. Most people made space for them, so they could walk along the road.

Rik saw the necessity of being seen in this job. Necessity for recognision from traffic. And as being visible as a help for others.
By coloring the Identity of this job. Rik noticed that Musta connected easier and was allready spotted from a distance. This makes his job better.
Rik went to the refugee camp to give the people he met during his research colorful shirts, and brought paint to paint the cars. The people we're so enthusiastic that all together they started painting the cars.



Pictures taken by Floor Skrabanja

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