When Rik started to explore and experiment with movement.
He realised that now more than ever, more and more products in our environment are transforming.
Products becoming handier and more practical because of all the elektromotors in various sizes,

After that observation he started experimenting with rotation and the images it creates in actual reality. Can this appearance become functional ?

Starting with a research on what is perceivable,
Rik found that small adaptions in shape size, colour and materiality
can have major impact on the image of a rotation.
With the addition of reflecting materials and small lights,
He photographically documented the different rotations.

Transforming these observations into actual products,
Rik created the ‘Rolo’ for the inside of night clubs & bars.
The rolo functions as a ventilator and as a iconic feature in the light design.

The flow of colour and the dynamics in shape and movement
suits any pulsing rhythm and mesmerises in the darkness.