City Circles

The concept city circles comes from Ketterenco which gave a group of students the chance to research a neighbourhood called, metaxourgiou in Athens.


Rik decided to look for the people who connect the city. Athens is a very intresting city because it's a devided city. Politically and socially, there are good neighbourhoods and bad neighbourhoods. There are places that people care for and places that people care nothing for. By looking for the people who connect the city, Rik realised that the people who connect on the daily base are the most intresting. He met Musta who is a refugee and gathers paper on the street to make some money. With this money he buys milk powder for his baby's because the refugee camp he is living in doesn't provide milk. In the story below you see how Rik spends his days with Musta the first time he comes to Athens. Rik works and eats with Musta. He is welcomed in his house and they have very easy conversations with eachother. This because they don't speak the same language, and they learn words from each other's language. Rik meets Musta's friends and will return 5 months later to Athens again in order to transform the research to projects.

A Paper Gatherers Identity

Reality as Learning Environment

The names used are not the actuall names of the people met, in order to protect the people.